As Amended and Restated Through March 28, 2019

Article 1. Name, Address and Language

Section 1.1 : Name

This academic society’s official name shall be East Asia Urological Oncology Society (EAUOS)

Section 1.2 : Address

  1. The place in Korea is 176, Gwanpyeong-ro, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea and is the legal representative address of the society.
  2. Change of the address can only occur with the majority vote at the meeting of Board of Directors.
  3. Typically, the registered address will reside where the President (Chairman) or Secretary General is a resident thereof.
  4. Upon decision by the Board of Directors, the society may establish a satellite office where a member of the Board resides.

Section 1.3 : Language

The society’s official language shall be English or Korean and either language can be used for all the society’s activities.

Section 1.4 : Constitution

The EAUOS consists of individual members with a major professional interest, either as a clinician or as a scientist involved in research into disease of the urological oncology. To achieve its goals and achievements, The Society will concentrate on East Asia countries.

Article 2. Purposes and Activities

Section 2.1 : Purpose

The EAUOS intend to contribute to the development of science in all aspects of urological oncology disease through research and exchange of information in the medical science and friendship among members.

Section 2.2 : Activities

The society shall carry out the following projects to achieve the society’s purpose as mentioned above

  1. Host regular international and domestic science and medical conferences
  2. Publish academic research papers and booklets reflecting the society’s goals
  3. Perform research in setting field-wide standards for treating urological oncology disease
  4. Boost the society’s capability in the field of science internationally
  5. Other activities deemed necessary by the Board of Directors

Article 3. Membership

Section 3.1 : Members

The society shall bestow individual membership to individuals that are deemed to meet the goals of the society. Members will be defined by full time members, honorary members

  1. Full time members: All medical professionals and holders of Doctorate degrees in the field of medical science who have registered as members through the society’s website shall have the full right and responsibilities of the society. By rule, the society’s full time members shall make timely payments of his/her membership fees.
  2. Honorary members: When a member that has enjoyed domestic and international reputation for the exceptional contribution made to the society retires, the member can earn the right as the Honorary member through the approval of the Board of Directors. Annual society membership fees shall be waived. The President of the society shall automatically receive Honorary membership at the end of his/her term.

Section 3.2 : Approval of Membership

Any applicant for the membership should have qualification as stipulated in Section 3.1, and have approval of the Board of Directors except the regular member, and should go through the required registration procedure.

Article 4. Membership Dues

Section 4.1 : Annual Dues

Any applicant for the membership should have qualification as stipulated in Section 3.1, and have approval of the Board of Directors except the regular member, and should go through the required registration procedure.

Section 4.2 : Payment of Dues

Members shall make membership fee payment at the beginning of the year as determined by the society’s protocols and processes

Section 4.3 : Termination of membership

  1. Members that are delinquent in annual membership fees by over 24 months
  2. The Board of Directors of the society reserves the right to terminate an individual’s membership in writing if the individual does not follow the society’s policies and procedures.

Section 4.4 : Rights

All full time members that fulfill their duties as the society’s members shall have the right to make suggestions to the society and recommend representatives as well as have the right to vote. Other members shall have the right to vote.

Section 4.5 : Secession

Any member can secede from EAUOS on his/her own will, if the member decides to withdraw for an important reason, by submission of notice of secession.

Article 5. Meeting of the Membership

Section 5.1 : Annual Congress

The society shall host an annual congress that brings together academia, practitioners, scientists, and other industry partners to further the knowledge in the field. The host country shall be determined by the local operating committee where the society’s chairman resides a year prior to the event and dates shall be set in consultation by the Board of Directors and the current local operating committee. The chairman of the society shall appoint the next annual congress’s head of operation by receiving nominations from the host country’s local head of urological oncology related academic society. The head of operation’s term shall be limited to the appointed year in which the annual congress is held.

Section 5.2 : Special meeting

Special meetings of the entire membership may be called at any time by either the President of The Society or the Board of Directors.

Article 6. Management

Section 6.1 : Structure of the Board

The society shall organize and appoint the following to execute its activities and oversee the progress

  1. One President
  2. One Secretary General
  3. One Deputy Secretary General
  4. One successor to the current President
  5. Others appointed by the Secretary of General that are deemed to have made significant contribution to the operation of the society

Section 6.2 : Board of Directors

  1. The Board of Directors shall be comprised by the individuals mentioned in Article 6-1 and the President and the Secretary General may appoint additional members
  2. The Secretary General shall act as chairperson
  3. Meeting notes accompanying the Board of Directors’ decisions shall be signed by the Secretary General and one other Board member

Section 6.3 : Agenda of the Board of Directors

The Board shall discuss and suggest solutions to the following items

  1. Summon of meeting
  2. Resolution on admission of special and honorary members
  3. Resolution on dismissal of regular members.
  4. Other significant matters that relate to achieving the society’s goals, and acquisition and disposal of major assets.

All agenda of the Board of Directors shall require majority of vote as well as the majority of the Board members present

Section 6.4 : Election of Directors

  1. The next president of EAUOS will be succeeded by the current president of KUOS (Korea Urological Oncology Society).
  2. The Secretary General will be determined by the majority vote of the Board of Directors as well as the majority of the Board members present
  3. The Deputy Secretary General shall be appointed by the Secretary of General himself

Section 6.5 : Duties and Tenures of Directors

  1. The President is responsible for all external activities relating to reaching the society’s goals and term is for two years
  2. The President cannot serve a second term.
  3. The Secretary General is the head of all operations and is the legal representative of the society. As such, He/She supervises and makes plans on activities of EAUOS and mid-to-long term financial schedules and the tenure lasts. The Secretary General’s term is term in office two years and can be re-appointed with the approval from the Board of Directors.
  4. The tenure of the Board member, who is appointed as a substitute for vacancy shall be the rest of the remaining tenure of the former member.

Article 7. Committees

Section 7.1 : Committees

The standing committee shall include the academic program committee, regional operation committee, executive committee, and advisory committee.

Section 7.2 : Standing Committees

  1. Academic Program Committee
    This committee shall be consisted of three members from Korea and one member from other East Asia countries and the President of The Society shall appoint the members of this committee.
  2. Regional Operation Committee
    This committee shall should organize the Annual Meeting, establish the scientific program and provide cooperative procedures for the meeting. The President of The Society shall appoint the President of Local Organizing Committee who is approved by the representative Society of Urological Oncology Disease of the country in which the Annual Meeting is going to be held. The President of this Committee shall appoint a Secretary General of Local Organizing Committee, who shall provide special act to support the Annual Meeting.

Article 8. Finance and Accounting

Section 8.1 : Funding Sources

The Board of Directors’ funding sources shall be derived from the annual membership fee, conference registration fees, and other donations.

Section 8.2 : Fiscal Year

The society’s fiscal year shall start on the 1st day of January and end on the 31st day of December.

Section 8.3 : Additional Sources of Income

The society may generate additional revenue from conference booths, publishing activities, and advertising.

Article 9. Amendment to Articles of Bylaws

The Bylaws of the Society may be amended according to the following procedure.

Section 9.1 : Procedure

Any proposal for amendment to the bylaws must be submitted to the Board of Directors at least 3 months before it meets. In no case shall the bylaws be amended unless the amendment was adopted by two-third of the Board of Directors

Article 10. Dissolution

Dissolution shall be proposed, processed and voted upon in the same manner as stipulated in these Bylaws for Amendments.