Welcome Message

Dear Distinguished Guests and Friends

I am honored to invite you to the 8th East Asia Urological Oncologic Symposium (EAUOS) at the K-Hotel on September 18th – 19th, 2020 on behalf of the organizing committee.

The EAUOS has been first started as a casual meeting since 2013 by uro-oncologists from Japan, Taiwan, and Korea, and now it has become a representative symposium of East Asia to be held every year.

This symposium has contributed greatly to the sharing of new knowledge and friendship among uro-oncologists. I hope that informative discussions on the topics of urologic oncology as well as collaborator studies will continue in the future.

As you all know, Seoul is a dynamic city that has a long history with past and present well blended. Unlike previous years, this year the EAUOS is going to be held in the autumn, which is the most pleasant season of the year in Seoul. Therefore, I hope all the participants to have a chance to experience not only the Symposium but also the atmosphere of Seoul.

I expect that this coming EAUOS will be a valuable symposium for you, and I am sincerely inviting you to the EAUOS!

Jeon, Seong Soo
President of EAUOS